Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fifth Grade Graduation

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Fifth Grade Graduation is next Thursday, May 18th at 7:00PM in the Eminence Schools’ gymnasium.  Here are some important things to know about the event.   Please read this CAREFULLY:

  1. All fifth graders are required to attend graduation and will be meeting in the Lower Cafe at 6:00 that evening. Please make sure they are here BY 6:00PM since we'll be taking the whole class photo prior to graduation.
  2. As part of graduation, we’re asking all of our students to wear their “Sunday Best”.  Boys: think tucked in dress shirt, nice pants, tie, etc.  Girls: dresses, nice shirt, or dress pants.  The rumor is Mr. Piercey may even be wearing a tie.  If you have any questions about this, or need any help at all, please contact one of us here at school!  
  3. While we will have light refreshments following fifth grade graduation, it won’t be a full meal.  It would be a good idea for your child to eat dinner before arriving at school that evening.
  4. Graduation will begin promptly at 7:00PM and should last no more than an hour.  
  5. There will be an official graduation photo of your child receiving their 5th grade diploma.  
  6. We’ll be practicing all next week for the event, and we’ve been really trying to stress with our students the importance of the ceremony.  
  7. IMPORTANT! If you haven’t sent in a baby picture of your child yet, please do so ASAP.  If we don’t receive them by MONDAY there is a chance that your child will not be in the graduation slideshow!  
If you have any other questions, please send us an email or write us a note here at school.  
Looking forward to it!

Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Dotson, Mr. Piercey

~Mr Piercey
Eminence Independent Schools
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

20Time Project - Final Demonstration

Students and Parents,

So… what’s the deal with your child’s 20Time Project?  My original due date for completion was going to be May 1st.  Well, let’s just say that we’ve had a more than a few unique occurrences and opportunities for our Fifth Graders over the past month that have pushed that date back a bit!

With that in mind, I’m asking that every fifth grader completes and demonstrates their project to me by Monday, May 22nd.

What that completion and demonstration looks like, however, will vary depending on the project.  It’s up to your child!

  • Maybe your child wanted to build a garden for their church, and they have photos of them working on the planting boxes. 
  • Maybe they wanted to design a prototype of a robot, and they actually bring it in to show me what they made. 
  • Maybe they wanted to organize a trash pickup around town, and they wrote up a quick paragraph explaining why they wanted to help the community in this way. 
  • Maybe she or he worked in a group to create something, and the group created a video showing what they made in action.  

On the day the project is done, they must show me whatever best “demonstrates” their project, either by bringing it to school or emailing it to me at

I’m then going to ask them THREE questions:

1. Why did you want to do this for your 20Time Project?
2. What was the biggest challenge you faced while working on this project?
3. What are TWO lessons that you learned while working on this project?

Important - Once it’s done - Bring it in! Don’t wait until May 22nd!  

If you have any questions, please email me at

~Mr Piercey
Eminence Independent Schools
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

History of Communication

Students and Parents,

We're learning about the history of Communication today and how it has changed over the past 400 years.

Remember this sound?

~Mr Piercey
Eminence Independent Schools
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Industrial Revolution

Greetings Y'all,

If you click this image, it'll take you to a timeline of the Industrial Revolution.  You will need it to complete today's assignment:

Click here to view the Timeline
~Mr Piercey
Eminence Independent Schools
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Monday, February 27, 2017

Periodic Table Tournament Challenge

Students and Parents,

Assignment: Create a FIVE SLIDE presentation which explains why the element assigned to you is IMPORTANT.  Each slide can have no more than TWENTY WORDS on it, and - as always - we will have plenty of time to work on these in class.

Suggestions as to what each slide could contain:

1. Some objects that are made from your element.
2. Some ways that your element is used
3. The Atomic Number, Symbol, and Mass of your Element
4. A famous use of your element
5. A photo showing your element in action
6. A sketch of your element
7. Some “properties” of your element
8. Whether your element is a solid, liquid, or a gas.
9. Some compounds made with your element.  For example Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) combine to make Table Salt (NaCl).

An example template will be shown in class as to what a finish slide presentation could look like.

You might be asking: if we’re working on these in class, what can I do at home?  Don’t forget: any research that you do (online, in a book, at the library, etc) can always be brought to school.  You can also login to your Google Drive at home to access your stuff there.  Head to OR while at home.  Login with your school email address and password.  Ta-da!  You’re in!

Once the presentations are completed, they’re going to be entered in a bracket (similar to the NCAA Tournament).  It’s going to be a TON of fun!

You can view the bracket by going to

Any questions?  Send me an email at OR write me here at the school.

~Mr Piercey
Eminence Independent Schools
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