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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Fifth Grade Students and Parents, 

The #simmonsToDC Field Trip is here!  

Here's some ever important reminders for the trip: 

     ~It looks like it's going to be cold and possibly snowy when we're there.  Make sure you bring your snow boots, gloves, and a winter jacket! 

     ~While we’re in DC, we will communicate using a texting service called “Remind101.” This is a free service that allows us to send text messages easily. To sign up, text @simmonsDC to (442) 333-7982, then follow the instructions that are texted back to you. The whole process takes less than a minute. We will communicate using this service for all updates and changes to our schedule

     ~We also have a password protected Tumblr blog for you to follow while we’re in DC. To view the blog, go to The password for viewing the blog is the name of the COUNTY that Simmons is located in all lowercase letters. We’ll be updating the blog real-time while we’re traveling as a way to photo document our trip!  

      ~This year, we're trying out a field trip hashtag: #simmonstodc. Anytime a photo on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook is tagged with this hashtag, it’ll appear on this website: 

Important!  Parents: if you post a photo to Facebook/Instagram with the hashtag and you want it to appear on the Tagboard, you must make sure your post is PUBLIC (not just to your friends). In other words, if you have a private Instagram/Facebook account, it won't show up!

The Discover DC Scavenger Hunt! 
       ~ We're also having an optional photo scavenger hunt this year!  We'll be giving you a sheet with a list of different items on it that you can take photos of around DC.  The student who completes the most of these optional items will win a prize (TBA). If you want to see a complete list of the items on the list, click here!

       ~ I know several of you have asked about how to keep your phones charged during the trip.  Definitely keep your charging cord with you as often as you can!  Also, they're not cheap, but you can also pick up a Mophie from Best Buy (it's a portable battery pack) if you're interested! 

And last but not least...

Here we go!  Don't forget to wear a Simmons shirt tomorrow!    

~Mr Piercey
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Field Trips Are Coming!

Students and Parents:
    They're almost here!  Are you packed yet?  Do you have everything you need ready to go?  Fifth graders, I spent some time looking over your maps of our DC trip that you've been working on.  Here's one of my personal favorites:

Fourth graders: As promised, here's the video of the 3D tour of Mammoth Cave that I shared with you all today in class.  Really cool stuff and a great visual of the "Historic Tour" that you all will be taking:

It's go time, people!

~Mr Piercey
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Monday, March 17, 2014

A Whole Lotta Reminders...

Students and Parents,  

Got your calendars ready?  Here we go...

~Fifth Graders: The Washington, DC meeting is still on for tonight at 6:00PM.  We'll be meeting in the gym!  Please try to arrive at least five minutes early because we have a lot to cover!
Washington, DC Skyline
~Fourth Graders: The Mammoth Cave meeting is also tonight at 6:00PM.  Please try to arrive about five minutes early so we can begin on time!

Inside of Mammoth Cave
~The Washington, DC Trip is a week away!  Can you believe it?  Me neither.  This year's trip is going to be epic!

~The Mammoth Cave Trip is NINE days away.  Start the countdown!

~This THURSDAY EVENING at 6:30PM is the Fine Arts Night for the fourth and fifth Graders at Simmons.  Everyone who is performing needs to arrive no later than 6:20PM.

Lastly: this week is College and Career Readiness Week at Simmons.  Each day has it's own special theme:

Monday, March 17th 
Simmons Spirit Day 
Rock Your Best Simmons Gear 

Tuesday, March 18th 
Woodford County Spirit 
Bust out that WCPS Gear.  Go Yellowjackets! 

Wednesday, March 19th 
College/University Spirit 
Wear your Favorite College Gear 

Thursday, March 20th 
Interview Attire
Dress to Impress!

Friday, March 21st 
Career Attire
Dress in your favorite "work" attire

Phew!  Busy week, but it will all be worth it! 

~Mr Piercey
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