Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Afterschool Club, Part 2 This Thursday

Good Afternoon Everybody,
     A few heads up for this upcoming week:
          -The students have a Science Test this Thursday, so keep on studying those notes! Work hard, and it'll pay off.
          -This Thursday marks the second edition of our Afterschool Club.  Please remember to send a note if your child CANNOT stay.  In our club this week, we'll be planting some more vegetables into the garden (pictures to come soon!), spend some time finishing up our homework, and then continue to work on our "Global Writing Project".
          In case you're not familiar with what the Global Writing Project is, let me fill you in.  Throughout this year, my class will be writing different people who live in countries all around the world.  My class will be sending them hand written letters with questions about what life in their country is like.  We'll be mailing them packages filled with Kentucky-related items, too.  These people will then write us back, answer our questions, and hopefully send us some things back from their country for all of us to see!
          We're trying to collect some Kentucky-related items (brochures, pictures, food, etc), and we'll take whatever we can get!
          -Lastly, school picture day is Friday.  Make sure to dress for success!  Be sure not to wear any green, or else you won't show up in your pictures!
Jokes of the Week (See Mr. Piercey for the answers to these jokes!)  

     What do you call a fly without any wings? 

     What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you? 
Have a great week! 
    Mr. Piercey

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