Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Garden -- Planted

Simmons now has a school garden, and all of us got to see it starting to grow today!  Hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll have some yummy vegetables within the next month or so, too!  Be sure to ask your child about all of the different plants that we have growing out there.

Here are some important reminders...
     -Don't forget to wear Red or Blue this Friday.  Support your favorite Kentucky team!  I'll be wearing Orange to support my Auburn Tigers. Sorry :-)
     -On Friday, September 10th, we will be having a Geometry test in Math class.  Make sure to spend 10 minutes a night taking a look at the study guide in their math folder.  
     -Thursday, September 9th, marks the first ever "After School Club"  (We still need to decide on an official title for it).  This will be a time when your child can work on any homework, finish any extra work they may be missing, play some classroom games, and even get to participate in some cool school projects I'd like to try.  I think the students are more excited about it than I am!
     -Lastly, our school fundraiser started yesterday.  Sell that Cookie Dough!  

Thanks for all you guys do!

    Mr. Piercey

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