Monday, December 27, 2010

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Snow at Keeneland, December, 2010
    If this snow keeps falling Lexington we're going to set a record by the time this winter is up.  It's like this across the country, too.  The Northeastern United States woke up to TWO FEET OF SNOW this morning.  Students, check out this time lapse video of the first half of the storm.  It was bad here in Lexington, but nothing like this!  

    Hopefully they'll be no more snow days before the end of the year, but I've got a suspicion that they'll be more to follow after the break!  

Students and Parents,
   I've spent the past couple of days making some changes to my site/blog.  If you received this update by email, you'll have to click here to see the changes to my site.  

   A few changes...
      - There's a "Calendar" Tab up the top.  Click it to see any upcoming events/field trips/testing dates/etc throughout the rest of the school year.  Please check it often as I will update it frequently.  
      - Look to the right to see the "Upcoming Events".  It'll have some of the more important recent events for all of you to see.  (I've even put the U.K. v Louisville game on their just for kicks!)  
      - Students and Parents -- Don't be afraid to "Comment" with any suggestions, ideas, or questions you have!  If you click the blue link at the top of each post (for example, this post is called "Let it Snow...") you can ask me anything you'd like.      
      - I've also added a few more gadgets to this page, just to give it something a little extra special.  Students, be sure to check them out.  
      - Pictures will also be added to this site soon.  Keep checking back frequently to see different happenings from around Simmons.  

Hopefully, January will be a little warmer than December!

~Mr. Piercey

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  1. HEY MR PIERCEY. How are you? I wonder why do you smile so much? IT is funny. Thats one of the resons your a good teacher. And the fact tou play the gutar. So I hope you had a good winter break and christmas.