Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day!

Good Morning Everybody,

     I guess you've all heard the news by now--it's official: we have our second snow day of the year.  In case some of you are looking for some fun things to do on your snow day, click on this link.  It has a few helpful ideas for you and your family to try today.  Lastly students, from the list of things that I wish it was cold enough to try, you gotta check out this video taken from the top of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire.  Talk about Wow!

A few reminders:

     If we have school tomorrow, and I think that we will, we are still having our 4th Grade Holiday Breakfast in the morning.  Parents, please remember what you said you would bring and send it on down to my classroom in the morning.  I'll have a space set aside for it to be placed.  There are 16 students in my class (17 including me!) A big THANK YOU in advance to everyone who is going to help out...especially with some healthy fruit!

      Also, please don't forget that our 4th Grade Auction is tomorrow, and we're still taking donations.

      Holiday Sweater Day is tomorrow. Wear your finest!    

      Thanks again for all you do,

Mr. Piercey

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