Friday, January 21, 2011

Make your Own Snowflake (and Fox in Socks)

     I had a friend show me this website the other day.  It allows you to make your own "Virtual Snowflake".  It's a great snow day activity; especially since we seem to be having so many of them lately!

     Also, I have a slight obsession with Dr. Seuss...especially his less-than-popular books.  So when someone forwarded me this video of a student speed reading Fox in Socks, I couldn't help but be amazed!
A Quick Reminder
Due to the snow day yesterday, the $3.00 for this Friday's field trip to the Kentucky State Capital is due MONDAY.  Please make sure to get it in ASAP!  We're also still looking for chaperones if you're interested.  Chaperones are free, but they'll need to drive themselves.

    Stay Safe and Warm,
            ~Mr. Piercey

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