Saturday, January 29, 2011

Multiply with your Fingers!

Good Morning All,
     First off, we had a great time on our field trip yesterday to Frankfort.  Be sure to ask your child about all they saw and learned at the State Capitol and the Kentucky History Museum  (And here's another huge THANK YOU to all my parents who were able to chaperone!).  Your child was even able to take home a packet full of activities, information, and a signed certificate so they'll always be able to remember their trip!
Students: Random Fact of the Week: Capitol (with an O) is the building; Capital (with an A) is the city

Kentucky's CAPITOL Building
Kentucky's State CAPITAL
     Speaking of field trips, the first half of the payment for our field trip to Mammoth Cave and Barren River State Park is due this Thursday (February 3rd).  The cost is $30 for each student and $35 for chaperones (The second half of the payment is not due until a few months later).

     Parents, please keep checking the calendar for any upcoming events.

Fingers Crossed for a Snow-less Week, 
~Mr. Piercey


  1. We would love some snow in Alabama!!

  2. Hey Mr Piercey. I love the poetry video!!!! How does she read that fast!?!?!?

  3. yeah how does she read it that fast? It is probably all practice

  4. Man Mrs walsh's class and mr piercey sound fantastic. { By the way you do have a good singing voice mr piercey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}