Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Quick Post...


    I've added a few writing games today that just might interest you.  First, check out Vocabulary and Spelling City to practice your spelling words each week.  Type in the words from your list, (press enter to add more than 3) then click "spelling test".  Put your words away, turn your computer speakers way up, and spell the words the best you can!

    Also, under the writing tab, I've added some keyboarding/typing games.  Check them out, they're harder than you think!  Click here to try one on your own.

     Parents, if you scroll down on my page a bit, you'll see a big white box that says "Helpful Downloads".  I'll be adding some more to that box as the year goes on (study guides, homework, etc), but each of those little folders contains some helpful files you may want to check out.

See you all on Tuesday,

   Mr. Piercey

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