Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wear Red Tomorrow!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

    Hopefully this was the last and final snow day of the year, but there's really no telling this winter!  Just a quick reminder that, in honor of Valentines day, we are all wearing red tomorrow.  Also, Monday will be our annual Valentines Day Party (And I'll send home some information about it tomorrow)

    A big THANK YOU to everyone for getting in their money for Mammoth Cave so quickly.  I really appreciate it.  Parents, don't forget to complete your background check ASAP...they've been taking a long time to finish, so the sooner they get started the better.  Just stop by Simmons and Anita can help get the paperwork started.

    Lose the monthly lunch menu?  No problem.  One of my students can read it to you!  Just go to my site here, and click the play button on the right hand side.  Yum!

...Game of the Week...
     Students, you've gotta check out Multiplication Grand Prix (And for those of you who are interested, Grand Prix is a French phrase meaning Grand Prize.  I just learned that today!) It's a great way to practice your facts.  You can race against the computer or your friends.  Check it out here  See if you can answer more than 40 questions per's more difficult than you think!

     Parents, please keep checking the calendar often for any upcoming events.

Looking forward to school tomorrow,
   Mr. Piercey

PS - If you REALLY want a challenge, try to win the Division Derby!

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