Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to School!

Good Evening!
It's time to go back to school everybody! See you all bright and early tomorrow morning at 7:15. These posts come straight from my website, and I'll try to get an email or two out a week to keep you updated on whats going on in the fifth grade. I've also made a few helpful changes to my site this year for you parents to see, too.
~If you click the "Today's Schedule" button up the top of it, you'll see what's going on in my classroom that day.
~I've also added all upcoming events, quizzes, tests, and field trips to the right hand side of the site. Be sure to check them frequently for reminders!
~Lastly, if you click here, you can watch a fun little back-to-school video I made.
~Main Website Link: mrpiercey.blogspot.com

Excited beyond belief,
~Mr. Piercey

PS - People have asked to see a picture of our new baby... I guess I'll post one :-) You'll have to visit the site to see it, though!
Scarlett Jane Piercey
7 lbs, 15 oz
July 14, 2011

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