Sunday, September 18, 2011

Geography Questions Due by Friday!

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Good Evening, Everybody!
     Parents, this past Friday we celebrated "Constitution Day".  We took a look at what the different phrases in the Preamble to the Constitution mean, and why they are important.  We're going to keep taking a look at the Preamble off-and-on for the next couple of weeks.  Yes, I am expecting it to be memorized!  I'll give more info about that assignment this week, however.  

     Students, your test over Native Americans will be on Wednesday, September 28th.  We're going to keep discussing the different Cultural Regions of Native America until then.  I'll be sending home a study guide soon to help get you ready. As for this week's Geography Questions...
Geography Questions, Week 2
Due by Friday, September 23, 2011
Please see me if you need any help.  Feel free to post comments/questions to this post if you have any.  I will not tell you the answers, but I will point you in the right direction.  

Using an atlas, the internet, or both, answer the following questions on a sheet of white-lined/loose-leaf paper.

Continents, Oceans, Seas, and Islands
1. There are seven continents.  Name them all.
2. Name the continent where China is located.
3. The country of Brazil is located on which continent?
4. Today, the world has FIVE major oceans.  Name them all. (BTW, there used to be only four)
5. Name the large island just "off the southeast coast" of Africa.  Hint: There is a movie named after this country.
6. What is the name of the country just "off the southeast coast" of Australia?
7. The United States of America is located on which continent?
8. Look at the United States and find Florida.  What island-country that starts with the letter C is SOUTH of Florida?
9. Look at map of the world.  What large sea is SOUTH of Europe and NORTH of Africa?
10.  Find the state of Louisiana.  What famous gulf is SOUTH of it?

Bonus - In some countries, Australia has another name that starts with the letter O.  What is it?

Keep Working Hard! 
~Mr. Piercey

Bonus Extra Credit Comment of the Week: Students, post a comment to this blog post with the name of one Native American tribe that we have NOT spoken about in class.  


  1. Extra Credit - Name ONE Native American tribe NOT discussed in class.

  2. Another native american tribe that we did not talk about is, the Chimariko. They are from the state of California.

  3. Hi Mr. Piercey!

    There was a huge list and I picked Lakota. In my Moms hometown there's a huge school with that name.

    Nicole Eller

  4. Bannock Indians are a Shoshonean tribe who live in southeastern Oregon and southern Idaho--they are part of the native americans who lived in the Great Basin region.

  5. lumbee tribe by the way cute baby

  6. Do we have any extra credit this week? :)

  7. o yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We got an 101 on the cats test and mr p guess what we got the hightest score in math thats amasing mr p you did a great job ! Of helping us along the way and we r proud of our selfs and you and u should be so so proud of your self too and i wonder what is in store for us this year!!!!:):):):):):):):):)

  8. i got it memorized i am so happy