Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DC Trip Money!

Don't Forget!

The next payment for our trip to Washington, D.C. is due by Friday! $40 per person going from here on out.

IMPORTANT! go ahead and mark your calendars! We're hosting a Movie Night to raise money for our trip to Washington, D.C. on Friday, November 4th @ 6:00PM. The movie is...well...I don't know what the movie will be yet! I'm taking suggestions! I'm hearing alot of buzz for The Lion King or (groan) The Smurfs. Details will be sent home Friday! The more people will have come to this the cheaper our trip to D.C. will be... so tell your friends/family/church/whoever to come on out and support us!

Also, don't forget that your geography questions are due on Friday. In case you can't find them, they're right here:

Geography Questions, Week 4
Answer your Questions on a sheet of White-lined paper 
No, you do not have to write out the questions
Due Friday, October 7, 20111. 

1. Review: What are the names of the SEVEN Continents?
2. Review: What are the names of the FIVE Oceans?
3. Name the small country on the border between North America and South America that starts with the letter P.
4. There are two large islands in the north Atlantic Ocean that both end with the word "_______LAND." Name them both.
5. Look at a map of Massachusetts. Identify the two small islands off its Southeast Coast. Hint: They start with the letters M and N
6. Name the SEA in between Alaska and Russia that starts with the letter B.
7. Find the state of Maine. What is the name of the large Gulf to its Northeast?
(hint: Gulf of S___ L___________)
8. On one of John Cabot's voyages, he traveled from England to Newfoundland (in Canada). About how many miles did he travel?
9. Greenland was discovered by the Vikings hundreds of years before Columbus landed in North America. What is the name of the BAY to its west? It starts with the letter B.

10. What Asian country is shown below in yellow?


~Mr. Piercey

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