Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Movie Time!

Parents and Students, 
     The movie we'll be watching on November 4th @ 6:00 is Cars 2!  Thank you everybody for voting (whether via comments or email).  The cost per person will be $3.00 or $10.00 per family.  Concessions will also be sold (popcorn, candy, and sodas) for $1.00 each.  

      Students, here's what I need your help with: POSTERS AND FLYERS!  We've got to get the word out to the community and other schools about our fundraiser.  I'd like for as many of you as possible to make flyers on white paper.  The flyers must be given to me so I can hang them up in approved areas.  Please make sure your flyers have the following info:   

      ~Movie Night at Simmons
      ~Friday, November 4th at 6:00
      ~Showing Cars 2
      ~Cost is $3.00 per person/$10.00 per family 
      ~Popcorn, Candy, and Drinks will be sold.  
      ~Raising money for our trip to Washington D.C. 

      Or, if you'd like to put it on a giant piece of poster paper, have at it.  Just please do your best to make it look professional.  

      Our goal for this first movie night is $1000.00.  Tell your friends, family, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, or anyone you know to come on out and support us!  The more the better.  Remember, if we reach our goal, I'll do this for you: 
Me Juggling Fire -- Yeah, That's Right! 
        Get the word out!  Now, as for your Weekly Geography Questions:

Weekly Geography Questions, Week 5
Answer all questions on white-lined/loose-leaf paper. 
No, you do not have to write out the questions. 
Due Friday, October 21st, 2011 

All Over the United States
1. Find New York City on a map.  Name the wide river which flows North to South into it.  It starts with the letter H.

2. The country of Cuba is just south of Florida.  Name the two countries on one island to its east.  They begin with the letter H and D. 

3. What state was named by Pone de Leon.  He searched it while trying to find the Fountain of Youth.  It is due SOUTH of Georgia. 

4. Review: Name all SEVEN Continents

5. Review: Name all FIVE Oceans

6. What is the name of the large mountain range which begins in Maine and ends in Georgia? 

7. Review: Name the FIVE Great Lakes

8.  Find Cuba again.  Name the island country to its south which starts with the letter J. 

9.  Last week you found the country of Panama.  What is the name of the sea to its north? 

10.  What Asian country is this outline?
    Where is this? 



  1. Cool!!! See you at school tomorrow morning.