Saturday, October 29, 2011

Movie Night This Friday at 6:00!

Students and Parents,
     Our Movie Night is this Friday!  I'll be sending home some info with your child on Monday about  the night itself.  Invite your friends!  The more people that come, the cheaper our trip to D.C. is going to be!
     As part of our fundraising that night, we will be selling concessions.  We're asking that each child bring in cans of soda for us to sell.  Please get them in as soon as possible!

     On Wednesday afternoon from 3:00-6:00, I'll be available for conferences.  I have not had a chance to meet with all of you yet about your child's academic performance, so please sign up!  I'll be sending home a sheet on Monday asking what times would work best for you.

Weekly Geography Questions, Week 7
Due Friday, November 4th 
No, you don't have to write out the questions 
Please answer your questions on white-lined/loose-leaf paper  

1. Review: Name the 7 Continents
2. Review: Name the 5 Oceans
3. What is another name for 0 degrees longitude?
4. What is the other name for 0 degrees latitude?
5. Identify the state the table below is describing.  


Largest cityAnchorage
Area Ranked 1st in the U.S.
 - Total663,268 sq mi
(1,717,854 km2)
 - Width2,261 miles (3,639 km)
 - Length1,420 miles (2,285 km)
 - Latitude51°20'N to 71°50'N
 - Longitude130°W to 172°E

6. Which of the following U.S. cities has a coastal port:
             Denver, CO
             Orlando, FL
             Galveston, TX

7. What is the name of this lake in North Dakota?

9. Name every state that borders West Virginia  
10. Using the map below, about how many miles is it from the NORTHERN part of New Hampshire to the SOUTHERN part?  

Bonus: The photo below was taken by NASA with a satellite.
     1. Name the Lake.
     2. Name the State that the lake is in.

Hoping Our Movie Night is a Success,   
   ~Mr. Piercey


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