Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some Announcements

William Bradford's Written Copy of the Mayflower Compact

  I know last week was short, but it felt very busy.  We had a lot going on out here at Simmons!

Here's a few quick announcements for the upcoming week:
     ~The next payment for our trip to Washington D.C. was due last Friday (November 4th). If you haven't got your payment in yet, please get it in ASAP.
     ~ We're planning another Movie Night for the first or second Friday in December.  Students, please "comment" on this post with any suggestions you may have about different films we could show.  I'm hearing a lot of buzz for Happy Feet, The Polar Express, and Rio.  Any other suggestions?
     ~ Here's another HUGE THANK YOU for everyone who helped out at Movie Night last week.
     ~ The annual Snowflake Feast is fast approaching (December 8th).  Parents, we're going to need your help!  Please contact the front office if you'd like to volunteer!
     ~ Congratulations to the Simmons STLP.  You're going to the State Competition in March!  
     ~ Lastly, parents,  I've created a webpage where you can check what your child's homework is every night.  It will be updated every day, so please check it if you ever have any questions about any assignments that are due.

Here are your...

Weekly Geography Questions, Week 8
Due Friday, November 18, 2011 
No, you don't have to write out the questions. 
Please answer on white-lined/loose leaf notebook paper.  

1. The photograph below is showing a very famous coast in Massachusetts.  What did the Pilgrims name it?  It starts with the letter C.

Use the map below to answer questions #2, #3, #4, and #5

2. Name every state that borders Massachusetts.

3. Which direction would someone travel if they went from Lowell to Springfield?

4. Infer why Lowell was built along the Merrimac River.

5. If someone were to travel from Boston to Gloucester (pronounced "GLOSTAH" if you wanna speak like a proper New Englander), which direction would they travel?

Some Review Questions (Can you do these without looking yet?)

6. Name the 5 Oceans

7. Name the 7 Continents

8. Name the Great Lakes

9. Name the large mountain range which begins in Maine and ends in Georgia.

10. Name the river which begins in Minnesota and empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

BONUS (must be completed by Wednesday for credit)

What STATE was the photograph below taken in?  

Have a Great Week,
    ~Mr. Piercey

PS - In case you wanted to see it... see below.


  1. Glad you caught that Anonymous! Now there's a #5.

  2. I don't think we should watch Rio. Everyone zI know has seen that one. I want to watch the Polar Express.

  3. Wow.... wish I could do that. Anyways I heard someone say "Do you do this for your forth graders?" Little did they know, you do.

  4. How about the Muppet Christmas Carol? It's my favorite Christmas Movie and it's better than the Smurfs =)


  6. Hey! How about we show the Muppets Christmas Carol?

  7. hey how how about we show the muppets chrismas carol!

  8. So that means the Smurfs is out of the question?

  9. Sorry forgot to say this, latest podcast: the time is glitching from 6:59 to 7:00.

    Now I'm done.

  10. What are the labels, at the bottom? This one says Geography.

  11. I still like The Polar Express-

    Oh well, I guess the Muppets are ok.

  12. I have a question about your baby.

    "Does she have teeth yet?"

  13. Nope... just Gums. Lots and lots of gums!

  14. Labels are there to help me organize which posts have the geography questions in them for next year... :-) That what I don't have to look too hard!

  15. So no sign of teeth at all?

  16. i am so excited about the movie night tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............