Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Gold Rush!

Good Evening Everybody!  
     I hope you are all having a fun-filled week! As most of you are well aware, I will be out of the building for the next two days at a Conference over in Louisville.  Bad-timing, I know, especially with our Movie Night on Friday!  Speaking of that, we are still in the need of volunteers for Movie Night.  Please email me if you are interested in helping.  

     Students, for your Social Studies in-class assignment over the next two days, you will be completing these twenty questions in class.  Please write your answers on white-lined paper.  Good luck!  

1. Who was the first one to "Discover" gold in California?

2. In what year did the population of California grow to over 300,000?

3. Many travelers came to California on trails.  Why was it important for them to leave early in the year?

4. At the start of the Gold Rush, how much money did the average "49er" bring in per day?

5. Because so many people were getting rich in California, things became very expensive.  Write down the cost of at least FIVE items during the Gold Rush.

6. San Francisco originally had another name.  What was it?

10. John Sutter was in the process of building what when he discovered the Gold?

11. "Sutter's Mill" was not being built to look for Gold.  Why was it being built?

12. Samuel Brannan is considered to be the first Millionaire of the California Gold Rush.  How did he do it?

13. On what river did James Marshall discover gold?

14. People who traveled to California by boat were nicknamed what?

15. How long did the journey to California take by Boat?

16. Take a look at the Primary Source poster advertising trips to California below.  Can you infer what a "clipper" is?  

17. Identify at least 4 Landmarks along the famous "California Trail".  

18. Describe how early "panners" looked for gold.

19. What was the population of California before the Gold Rush?

20. Why did John Sutter want to keep the discovery of gold a secret? 

~Mr Piercey
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  1. Where are questions 5-9?

  2. I have no idea! Great question, though. =)

  3. where in the world do u come up with questions like that?

  4. On the Native American Shelter Extra Credit project, can we make more than one project? For example, if I did a Wigwam shelter later could I make an Pueblo house for more points?

  5. @EKB... sure. Just make sure your paragraphs are different! =)

  6. @Mr.Piercey... By different paragraphs, do you meen just set up different, or if your making an pueblo don't write about a long house?

  7. got to ask when do we leve for wasation