Friday, April 27, 2012

Spirit Week is Next Week!

      I hope that you are all having a great weekend!  Can you believe that your 5th grade year is just about over?  (On that note, mid-terms went home today, please get those signed and returned by Monday if at all possible.)  

      Next week is "Spirit Week" at Simmons. Each day at Simmons will have a different theme:

Monday --> Simmons Color Day (Wear your Blue/Yellow!)
Tuesday --> K- "Preppy" Day.  Dress like you're preppy!  Click here for some advice!
Wednesday --> "Animal" Day.  Wear your best animal print or dress like an animal!
Thursday --> Kentucky Derby Hat Day (Hey, the Kentucky Derby is a week from today!)
Friday --> Team Color Day!  We are the "Neon Newts!"  We're making our team shirts on Monday... please get a white T-shirt into me by then!

Parents, we're also in need of the following ASAP.  Any help would be much appreciated!
      ~ Neon Glow Sticks
      ~ Fig "Newtons"
      ~ Neon "Puffy-Paint"
      ~ 3 or 4 "black-light" bulbs.
      ~ Items for an "End of the year" auction

Four More Weeks Left!

~Mr Piercey
@mrpiercey on Twitter

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  1. I found the song/cheer about the newts! Here it goes!

    We'd like to set the record straight by singing of the newt For newts are open-minded; they are flexible and cute A newt can breathe in water and a newt can breathe on land And if you are a different critter newts will understand Newts are not mean-spirited; they never are unfair Newts are not underhanded and are not afraid to share Newts do not have bad haircuts because newts are lacking hair.