Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Day = Complete!

We're officially off and running, folks!  Here's a few reminders for you:
    ~If you're not receiving these updates in an email yet, go to my website ( and type your email address in the box which says "follow by email"
    ~Don't forget that you can also check your child's homework everyday by going to  You can get your child's homework emailed to you, too.  Just click here or follow the instructions on the site.
    ~If you haven't got your school supplies in yet, they must all be brought in ASAP.  It's time to get to work!
    ~I can't remember if we mentioned this at the Back to School parent meeting or not, but your child's take home folders will be sent home on Mondays and not Fridays.
     ~On that note, make sure to get your child's beginning of the year paperwork in. The sooner the better!

Thank you for all you do.  It's more than you know.  This is a great group of kids!

~Mr Piercey
@mrpiercey on Twitter

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