Friday, August 10, 2012

What a Great First Week!

Students and Parents,
   I can't believe how fast this first week has flown by.  It seems like only yesterday we were just getting to know each other at Back to School Night!

Here's a few reminders for this upcoming week: 
     ~Students, you will start getting paid on Monday!  I will have your bank accounts all set up by then.  It's time to start saving some money!
     ~Monday's Take Home Folder will have quite a few items in it.  Please look for a list of any back-to-school paperwork that hasn't been turned in yet.  All of the back to school work must be in by next Friday!
     ~Monday's folder will also have an "Interest Questionnaire" about our Spring trip to Washington, DC.  Please make sure that it is filled out and returned ASAP.  The sooner we get our numbers turned in, the better.
     ~Mark your Calendars: On Saturday, November 3rd, we will be hosting a 5K Road Race at Simmons Elementary.  We're going to be fundraising for our DC trip.  Look for sign up info soon! Volunteers are more than needed and appreciated.
     ~ Alright students, here's some cool Youtube Videos for you to watch this weekend.  Parents, if you're viewing this post in an email, you'll need to go to my website to see the videos.  Click here to travel there 

 The 50 States and Capitals Song.  I hope you're studying!  
The "Extra Credit" Quiz is next Friday!

All of the Countries of the World... yup, all of them!
Definite bonus if you can get this song down.  
~Mr Piercey
@mrpiercey on Twitter

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