Sunday, October 28, 2012

There's a LOT going on this Week!

Check out our Medals!

Students and Parents,
    First off, our "Class Presidential Speeches" are tomorrow.  Students, if you are running for the executive office of President, you will need to have your speech prepared for class tomorrow.  Also, since our Presidential speeches are tomorrow, then that means it's time for some campaigning!  Please put up (appropriate!) posters stating why you and your running mate are the best possible candidates for  the office of President.  Feel free to make posters, buttons, flyers, etc that you can put up and/or pass out to your classmates.  Just remember: you are NOT allowed to try to get votes by passing out candy!  Our class elections will be on Friday during Social Studies class.  

      Also, tomorrow marks the first day with our third fifth grade teacher added into our rotation.  I spoke with Mrs. Engelhard for a long time yesterday... she's very excited about the opportunity to work with your child this year!

Lastly, the Run for DC is a week away!  
Can you believe it?  We can’t either!  We wanted to give all of you a huge THANK YOU for all your hard work to make this happen... and we’re not just saying that.  This race is already a huge success, and we still have a week to go!  It’s looking like we are going to be able to reduce the total cost of our trip, too, which hopefully will alleviate some of the financial burden.  

If you’ve already volunteered for the race, you will find a letter in your child's take home folder this week assigning you to where you’ll need to be the morning of the run.  We also want to apologize.  We had so many volunteers sign up to help with the registration table that we had to reassign some of you all to another spot.  Sorry!  No hard feelings!    

If you haven’t signed up to volunteer yet, you should still come on out!  This is going to be a huge community event that you won’t want to miss.  Our route is taking us through the Village and the Colony (see the route by clicking here), and we’d love to have people standing along our route to cheer on our runners; you could hold up signs, too!    

        Online and Paper Registration is still open!  Register online at

~Mr Piercey
@mrpiercey on Twitter

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