Saturday, November 17, 2012

Due Tuesday!

    With Thanksgiving coming up, and our current unit being on early colonialism, I have assigned your child to write a paragraph discussing the similarities and differences between Jamestown and Plymouth.  I sent home with them a packet which they can use for research, but I also encouraged them to check their own outside sources to see what they could find.

     Here's the assignment:

Comparing Jamestown and Plymouth Assignment

Write at least ONE PARAGRAPH (of at LEAST 7 sentences) comparing and contrasting the two settlements at Jamestown and Plymouth.  In order words, tell me the ways that they are the same and different.  One paragraph is the MINIMUM, please feel free to write more if you are so inclined!

This project can be either handwritten, typed, or shared using Google Docs, it really doesn't make a difference to me.  You may also use additional sources if needed.  The packet provided is only meant to be a starting point.  

If you'd like to "share" it using Google Drive, my Woodford Google Account is  

Unsure of how to share an assignment using Google Docs? Log in to your google drive, create a new "document", click "share", and then type in my Woodford Google account.

Here's a link to the "research page" I sent home with your child.  Click here.

Due Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Map Showing the Location of the Original Jamestown Fort.

Map Showing the Location of Plymouth, MA

See you all Monday!

~Mr Piercey
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