Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Class Government has Begun!

Students and Parents,
       Can you believe it's almost mid-term?  Thanksgiving is a week away, and it's Christmas in a month and a half!  Where is all of our time going?  Your fifth grade year is flying by, but I hope you are enjoying it!  Here's a few reminders for this week:

       Your next Washington, DC Payment is due this Friday.  It's looking like we made enough money on our 5K that the final payment due in March will either be eliminated or reduced greatly.  I am meeting with Mrs. Mize (our school secretary/bookkeeper/superhero) to discuss with her what the payment schedule will look like after the success of our race.  The good news is, we still get to do another fundraiser this year!  Any thoughts?  We're tossing a few ideas around, but we're definitely open to others!

       Also, our class government has begun!  We're swearing in our class president tomorrow, and then the real fun begins!  Your child is either a part of the Supreme Court, Congress, or the Executive Branch as one of the President's cabinet members.  Please ask your child about their role in our 5th Grade Class government.

     Lastly, please make sure that your child returns their take home folder on the day after they are sent home.  There is a lot of important information placed in it each week that I do not want you to miss!

     Are you getting your child's homework emailed to you each day?  If not, go to and click the button which says "Get this in your Email!"  Type in your email address, and you're golden!


~Mr Piercey
@mrpiercey on Twitter

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