Monday, December 17, 2012

Mission: US

Students and Parents,
     Students, here is another link to the game that we played today is class.  You will need to have your parents help you create an "account" first.

Click the image above to play "Mission: US"

     Also, tomorrow Mr. Sevier is going to be a guest speaker in our classroom. He's going to be sharing with us where Jefferson got some of his ideas for the Declaration of Independence.  Then, we're going to head down the computer lab to sign our own copies of it on this website: 

Parents, here are a few reminders for you. 
    ~ Tomorrow is "Holiday Sweater Day"; The tackier, the better!
    ~ Your Winter Performance is tomorrow night at 6:00.  Be there early!  
    ~ Wednesday is Pajama Day 
    ~ Wednesday is our Holiday Brunch.  If you signed up to bring in an item, please make sure they arrive at school that morning!  Thank you all so much in advance!  It'll be a great time!  

~Mr Piercey
@mrpiercey on Twitter

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