Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly. Reminders.

    I hope your child showed you their mid-terms this weekend!  If you're interested in setting up a conference, please make a note either on the midterm or send it to school.

    Tomorrow you'll be sent home some info regarding our Snowflake Feast.  We'd love it if you came in to help out!

     Lastly, in Social Studies this week your child has a writing piece due on Friday.  Here is the assignment:

Social Studies Writing Assignment
Week 3
Due on Friday, December 7, 2012

You have traveled back in time to Virginia in the year 1750.  Yes, you get to pretend again with this writing piece!  Once you arrive in Virginia, you decide to write an article for the local newspaper, “The Virginia Gazette” explaining how communication will change between 1750 and 2012.

A few hints: remember your audience when writing.  The people you are writing to will not understand things the way we do today.  For example, you can’t just say that “People in the future will have telephones” without explaining what a telephone is and how it makes communication easier!  

Please use the links provided below to help with your letter!  Your finished letter must be at LEAST 10 SENTENCES long and it MUST describe at least FOUR ways that communication will change from 1750-2012.  

This project can be either handwritten, printed out, or shared using Google Docs.  You may use additional sources if needed.  

If you'd like to "share it” using Google Drive, my Woodford Google Account is  

Unsure of how to share an assignment using Google Docs?  Log in to your google drive, create a new "document", click "share", and then type in my Woodford Google account.

Helpful Links for this Project: 
            A Timeline of Communication (through 1995)
            A History of Communication (through 2001)
            Important Moments in Communication History
            A Timeline of "Social Media"
            Communication Timeline (Youtube)

~Mr Piercey

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