Thursday, January 31, 2013

About that Silly Little Simmons: Gameday

Hopefully, this will answer some questions about the event!

The doors will open at 10:00.  If you're interested in helping out and you haven't signed up yet, please show up a little bit beforehand (around 9:30) and we'll have a job for you to do!

Once the doors open, volunteers will need to be in their places (I promised the teachers whose rooms we're borrowing that their stuff would be well looked after)!  All of the games will be played up on the SMART Boards.  Super Mario on the big screen is going to be awesome, by the way!

The "high score" competitions (Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Wii Bowling) will run from 10:00-12:00 (or until the final person who has paid for an event plays it).

The "Tournaments" will begin around 10:30.  People in charge of the tournaments will be given a list of players and instructions.  The winners move on until we have a "Champion"  If we still have people playing in the tournaments at 12:15ish... lunch will be provided for them.  Gotta feed the gamers!  Entering any sort of cheat code will result in disqualification.  Players participating in the tournaments can use any "real" teams that they wish.  No All-Star or "All-Madden" teams are allowed.  Sorry!

Should be a LOT of fun y'all.  More posts to come later.

Any questions please email me at

~Mr Piercey
@mrpiercey on Twitter

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