Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hello Students and Parents!

     I still can't believe that this year will be my seventh at Simmons Elementary.  Each year always seems to bring about something new and exciting, and I'm sure that this one will prove to be no different.  We've got a lot planned for your child this year, our expectations are high, and I know that we're going to see some amazing results come years end.

     This year, my classroom responsibilities are a little bit different.  I'll have a fifth grade homeroom, (just like last year) but I'll but teaching all of the Social Studies classes in the fourth and the fifth grade.  Just a heads up: on these blog posts, there might sometimes be messages for both of those classes.  I'll try to always make it clear which class I'm talking to!  
     Also, this spring, both grade levels will be taking big field trips.  Fifth grade, we are going to Washington, DC!  Fourth graders: Mammoth Cave.  Last year's trips were such a monumental success, and we know that this year's trips will be even better.  I want all of you to know that one of my goals is for none of my students to miss out on these two great opportunities.

      Fifth graders: I know that this is short notice, but this Tuesday (August 20th) at 6:00PM we'll be having a mandatory meeting for everyone interested in attending the trip.   We'll be discussing a basic overview of the trip, how you can help, payment schedule, and most importantly right now, the Run4DC 5K on September 14th.

      Fourth graders: you're meeting will come a little bit later!

      If you haven't done it yet, one of the ways that we'll be communicating with you this year is through a free texting service called Remind101.  In order to get these texts, you'll need to do the following two steps:

     ~If your child is in the fifth grade, text "@simmons5th" to the phone number 442-333-7982.

     ~If your child is in the fourth grade, text "@simmons4th" to the phone number 442-333-7982

Looking forward to a great year,

~Mr Piercey
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