Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Please Watch These Videos!

     I hope you all had a nice and relaxing break.  My wife and I spent a good part of the break getting our house ready for the new baby come January.  We also visited Boyd Orchards as a family; it was a blast!  If you haven't been there yet, go and check it out!

     I know a lot of you all have been asking to see some of the work your child is doing in social studies.  Everything we do at school on the Chromebooks they can continue at home.  The first thing you'll have to do to see their work is to login to their Google Account.

  I made a video (you can watch it below) to show you how to do this.  It's easier to see if you watch it on Youtube:

After that, you'll have access to all of the free Google Apps (and Google drive... my personal favorite!)  
Here's a video that shows how all that stuff works: 

     Once you get into Drive, your child will be able to show you all of their work (it'll be in the "shared" folder).  We look at this every day in the classroom, so they'll be able to do it at home, too!  Please take some time tonight to login and check out their work.  It'll be worth it.

     Please email me if you have any questions.

     I made some digital flashcards for your child to study at home (here's the fourth grade ones, here's the ones for fifth grade)  They work on any smartphone, tablet, or computer with the internet.  There's also a link on the top of my classroom webpage that you can just click on to check them out.  I'll be adding to them throughout the year, too.  Please spend 5-10 minutes a night practicing them with your child.  It'll be worth it!

     Lastly, in November, your child is going to be performing a song at our Winter Concert.  By the way, the reason why it's so early this year is because Mrs. Bowmer is having a baby in December!  If your child is in fifth grade, they'll be performing this song.  Remember the Animaniacs?

      Don't forget, if you didn't turn in your Washington, DC payment before the break, it needs to be turned in ASAP.


~Mr Piercey
Google Certified Teacher
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