Monday, November 18, 2013

Thank you!

Students and Parents

It was so nice to meet with so many of you at our conferences over the past couple of weeks.  I know that many of our meetings ran late, and we thank you for your patience while we finished up some of our longer-running meetings.

If you ever have any questions regarding your child's behavior or progress, please never hesitate to send any of us an email and we will respond to you all in a timely manner.

Also, parents, as of today, there have been three Washington, DC payment due dates that have come and gone.  Please make sure your payments are up to date.  We're also still in need of chaperones!  The more we have, the better!  

Lastly, I posted this video a few weeks back, but I found it with subtitles!  Feel free to sing along!

~Mr Piercey
Google Certified Teacher
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