Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Eminence Fantasy Football Playoffs Are Set!

Eminence Fifth Graders:

It's time for the Eminence Fantasy Football Playoffs! 

A few guidelines: 

    ~ If your team did not finish in the top 16, your season is over.  Sorry!  In order to receive full credit on the assignment, you'll need to have your team's score calculated through week 12 by the end of next week.    
    ~ It is now a "head to head" matchup format.  The team with the highest score each week advances on to the next round.  
    ~ Each week, the team with the better record gets "Home Field Advantage" over the team with the lower seed.     
    ~ Home field advantage is a 10 point bonus each week.   
    ~ We will "reseed" the bracket after each round.  In other words, the highest seeded team remaining will always play the lowest seeded team remaining.  
    ~ There is no "Home Field Advantage" in the Super Bowl.  
    ~ Superbowl winner gets a trophy!  
Make sure your teams are set and ready to go each week.  Brackets are "locked" on Thursday of each week. 
Good luck!  Here's the playoff bracket as of today: 

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. miss you so much Mr.Piercy!!!! Middle School is going good but Simmons is lonely without you!!!!:(((((( You will always be my fav teacher! hope to see you soon! bye Mr. P