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Perimeter, Area, and Volume Project

Perimeter, Area, and Volume Project
Due Friday, February 6th

Assignment Basics: Part One: Draw the dimensions of your bedroom onto a sheet of graph paper.  You must also label and draw any furniture within it (bed, dresser, etc).  The dimensions for these need to be labeled as well.  Part Two: Imagine you are given a budget of $1000.00 to redecorate your bedroom.  On the spreadsheet shared with you in Google Classroom, make a price list of items you’d like to purchase.  Part Three: Using your drawing and the information contained on the spreadsheet, answer these questions in complete sentences.  Show and label all of your work.  

--- Part ONE ---
Before you sketch the dimensions of your bedroom, you’ll need to measure its length, width, and height.  Measure the following dimensions with a tape measure to the nearest half foot:

Length:  ______ feet
Width:    ______ feet
Height:   ______ feet

Important: If your bedroom is NOT a rectangle, you’ll need to figure out the lengths of all sides.  Think: break it into smaller rectangles first.  

Next, using the graph paper handed to you in class today, sketch the outline of your bedroom.  Be sure to use a straight edge when drawing the sides.  Make sure it is TO SCALE. In other words, does each box = 1 square foot or 2 square feet, etc?

Label the length of each side; don’t forget your units!  

Somewhere on the front, figure out and clearly label the following measurements.  Don’t forget your units.  

Perimeter: ________ (to the nearest half foot)
Area: ________ (in square feet)
Volume: ________ (in cubic feet)

Finally, draw and label any furniture in your bedroom.  Make sure they are to scale as well.   

--- Part TWO ---

Now imagine that you have $1000.00 to spend to redecorate your bedroom.  Using (or a similar website), locate the prices of different items you’d like to purchase for your “new” room.  

You’ll need to fill in the spreadsheet in Google Classroom to keep track of all of the purchases you’ll make.  Important: you MUST spend as much of the $1000.00 as possible.  You also MUST make sure to purchase items essential for a bedroom before buying anything else.

Turn this spreadsheet in once completed.  

--- Part THREE ---

On the back of the graph paper, answer the following questions in complete sentences.  Show your work where necessary.  

  1. Explain the difference between perimeter, area, and volume.  
  2. Come up with AT LEAST TWO different names that would describe the shape of your bedroom.  Explain why your bedroom is each of these shapes.  
  3. What is the RANGE of prices listed on your spreadsheet?
  4. What is the MEDIAN price on your spreadsheet?  How do you know?  
  5. Explain the PIE CHART that appears on your spreadsheet.    

Parents: If your child needs additional time at school to work on this assignment outside of class hours, Mr. Piercey gets to school by 7:30 each morning.  He will gladly work with your child in the classroom during this time.  He will also be staying after school on Tuesday, February 3rd until 4:15.  Please make sure to send a note to school if you’d like him to work with your child during either of these times.  You can also email Mr. Piercey at with any questions you have.  

Rubric: Your finished assignment (with part one, two, and three) will be scored on a rubric.  TBA soon.

    Mr. Piercey

~Mr Piercey
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