Monday, March 2, 2015

Cross-Curricular Project: Budgeting and Consumerism.

Project: The Ultimate Vacation
Due Date: Friday, March 20th
Great South Australian Coastal

Scenario: Your family of three has just won a trip to anywhere in the world, and you’ve decided you’re going to Australia!  Together, you’ve been given $24,040 to spend on your travel.  You are going to be gone for a total of TWO WEEKS, and have decided to be there sometime during June and/or July.  

While there, you must plan out what you are going to be doing every day, and spend as MUCH of your $24,040 as possible.  You are not allowed to spend more than that amount.  You don’t want to be putting this vacation on a credit card!  

Part 1 - Budgeting Your Trip - Do This Part First!
Complete on lined paper.  Label and show your work.  Take a snapshot of your work and insert it into the Google Classroom Assignment.

A. Your family of three has been given $24,040 to spend on a trip to Australia.  The only problem is, this money is in AMERICAN currency and not Australian.  How much is $24,040 worth in AUD (Australian Dollar)?  Show your work as to how you would convert this amount.  

B. Traveling to Australia is NOT cheap.  You have budgeted spending 25% of your money saved for this trip on travel.  How much money does this come to?

C. You are going to be in Australia for a total of 2 weeks.  After taking off 25% of your money for travel,  about how much money should you spend a day (to make sure that you don’t run out of it)?

Part 2 - Travel/Lodging/Expenditures
Where are you going to stay?  How are you going to get there?  When are you going to leave?  When are you going to come back? What are you going to do?

~Make a copy of this spreadsheet template (File --> Make a Copy), and share it with your group members.  On your spreadsheet, track ALL of your expenses (travel, hotels, expenses, food, etc)
~For flights, I’d recommend  
~For hotel,
~For food, budget $25.00 per day, per person.  
~Looking for things to do in Australia? Let Me Google That For You...  
~Any “work” that you do for the project MUST have a snapshot of it inserted onto the 2nd page of the Google Spreadsheet.  

Part 3 - Mapping Your Trip
Using, map your trip using Placemarkers and lines.  Submit a link to your map in Google Classroom once it is completed.  

On each Placemarker, put down the total cost of that event.  Insert images, videos, and maybe a sentence or two.  

You are going to be gone for a total of TWO weeks (don’t forget to include travel in those two weeks!).  

Part 4 - The Really Fun Part
Once the spreadsheets and maps are completed, I’m going to share them with some educators I know down in Australia.  They are then going to pick the one trip that they feel like does the best job of seeing the most of their country’s culture, history, food, and fun.  

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