Wednesday, November 16, 2016

For Crown or Colony?


As part of your in-class activity today, you will be playing an online game called "For Crown or Colony?"  You are playing the role of a Printer's Apprentice in the city of Boston around the year 1770.  The choices you make throughout the game will determine whether or not you end up a LOYALIST (one who wants the colonies to stay a part of England) or a PATRIOT (one who wants to leave England and create a whole new country).  Take your time, plug your headphones in, and enjoy playing the game over the next two days.  With about 10-15 minutes of class left, your EXIT SLIP will appear in Google Classroom.  It will be about what you learned while playing the game today.  

Click the image below to create your account and start playing For Crown or Colony.

And no, because I know that someone will ask, you are not allowed to play any of the other games on the Mission-US site just yet.  We will in the future, though.

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Eminence Independent Schools
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