Monday, September 18, 2017

A Paper Airplane Contest

5th Grade Science Project
A Paper Airplane Contest
Due Thursday, September 28, 2017
Part 1 (The Designing, Testing, and Creating Part)
Design and Create a Paper Airplane using ONLY the following materials:
  • 1 piece of standard sized construction, copy, or lined paper (any color)
  • Scotch OR Masking Tape
  • Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils (for designing/coloring it)
Research Questions to Think About When Designing Your Plane
  • What makes paper airplanes fly?
  • Does changing the way a paper airplane is folded have an affect on the distance it flies?
I recommend testing out several different prototypes for your airplane before bringing your final design to class next Thursday.  During the testing and design process, try your best to control any variables which may affect your airplane’s performance.  
We’ll have a “guest tosser” in class on September 28th to throw our planes for us to see whose can go the furthest.  Completed airplanes must be brought to class that day.  I recommend testing a few designs at home (maybe do a little research?) before coming to school that day with your final product. In class that day we’ll be charting and graphing the distances our airplanes travel.  
Part 2 (The Written Part)
Please answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper OR on a Google Doc attached onto your assignment.
A. Four forces are at work during the flight of an airplane: gravity, lift, thrust, and drag. The same concepts that allow a commercial airplane to fly, cause a paper airplane to fly.Write a legible, student-friendly TWO sentence definition for the following terms:
B. If gravity is continually pulling objects down, how are airplanes able to fly?  

C. You were asked to prototype your airplane before creating its final design.  What is a prototype?

D. Explain the process you used to control “variables” to test your paper airplane’s design. Do you think this had an effect on its final performance?

~Mr Piercey
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