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Branches of Government Game***
Government Jeopardy*
Bill --> Law?
How does a Bill Become a Law?
Cast Your Vote!*
Counties Work!
Kentucky's State Constitution
Studying the Bill of Rights

Washington, D.C. Links

Slavery in the United States
A Timelime of African-Americans in the United States
Map of the Underground Railroad 
The Stono Rebellion 
Sojourner Truth's, "Ain't I a Woman?" Speech
A Brief History of the Underground Railroad
Slavery in the United States
Triangle Trade
Interactive Triangle Trade Map
Slavery in The US/Numbers
A Timeline of Slavery in America
The Underground Railroad
The Emancipation Proclamation 
The Invention of the Cotton Gin
The XIII (13th) Amendment to the Constitution
John Brown Biography
The Middle Passage

The Civil War
Ford's Theatre, a 3D Tour

Westward Expansion
The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Google Books)**
On the Trails of Lewis and Clark
The Transcontinental Railroad
The Oregon Trail (on an Apple IIE)
Lewis and hip-hop
Manifest hip-hop
Watch our States Form
Lewis and Clark Assignment
Lewis and Clark: Into the Unknown
Lewis and Clark: Go West! Simulation
Remember the Alamo!
The Mexican-American War
The Start of the California Gold Rush

Levels of Government 
Federal (or National) Level
Current Members of the Executive Branch
Current Members of Supreme Court
Current Members of Congress (House of Representatives) 
Current Members of Congress (Senate)

State Level 
Current Executive Branch of Kentucky (Governor and "Cabinet Positions") 
Current Members of Kentucky Supreme Court 
Kentucky's State Senate Members     ---       Kentucky's House of Representatives Members

Local Level 
Current Mayor and Members of Versailles, KY City Council
Info About Local/Circuit Courts

Primary Sources
US History/Facts
US Quiz Game
12 States that Never Were
Ben Franklin, 300
Growth of a Nation
Remembering September 11 Timeline
Virtual Tour of Plymouth Plantation
The Journey of the Mayflower
Jamestown Online Adventure*
On the Trail of Captain John Smith
Jamestown and the Virginia Company Charters
On the Trail of John Smith

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The Lemonade Stand
Coffee Shop
Wally's Stock Tracker
Peanuts & Crackerjacks
Colonial Jobs

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