Social Studies

Our Class Social Studies Map

Historical Perspective


Virtual Tour of Plymouth Plantation

The Journey of the Mayflower


Jamestown Online Adventure*

On the Trail of Captain John Smith

Jamestown and the Virginia Company Charters

On the Trail of John Smith

The Civil War

What was the Missouri Compromise?

The Missouri Compromise Itself (Primary Source)\

The Gettysburg Address

Ford's Theatre, a 3D Tour

The Emancipation Proclamation

Appomattox Court House: The Surrender

Slavery in the United States

A Timelime of African-Americans in the United States

Map of the Underground Railroad

The Stono Rebellion

Sojourner Truth's, "Ain't I a Woman?" Speech

A Brief History of the Underground Railroad

Slavery in the United States

Interactive Triangle Trade Map

Slavery in The US/Numbers

A Timeline of Slavery in America

The Underground Railroad

The Emancipation Proclamation

The Invention of the Cotton Gin

The XIII (13th) Amendment to the Constitution

Westward Expansion and Encounter

The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Google Books)

On the Trails of Lewis and Clark

The Alamo Map

Erie Canal Map

How does a Lock Work?

Erie Canal Lyrics

The Mexican American War Map

The Transcontinental Railroad

The Oregon Trail (on an Apple IIE)

Lewis and hip-hop

Manifest hip-hop

Watch our States Form

Lewis and Clark Assignment

Lewis and Clark: Into the Unknown

Lewis and Clark: Go West! Simulation

Remember the Alamo!

The Mexican-American War

The Start of the California Gold Rush

US History/Facts

US Quiz Game

12 States that Never Were

US Timeline

The Presidents

Tour Williamsburg

Ben Franklin, 300

Growth of a Nation

Remembering September 11 Timeline